Rapid Silver Line Vote Fails

The Rapid’s Silver Line proposal failed at the ballot box on May 5th. The vote was 53% against and 47% in favor. This is the first time in many years that a tax increase request from The Rapid was turned down. More significantly, of the six cities in the ITP region (Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Walker, and Wyoming) only Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids voted in favor of the tax increase. The votes percentages on a per-city basis are below:

Grand Rapids      – 53% yes, 47% no

East Grand Rapids – 64% yes, 36% no

Grandville        – 36% yes, 64% no

Kentwood          – 46% yes, 54% no

Walker            – 32% yes, 68% no

Wyoming           – 36% yes, 64% no

This is a major victory for fiscal sanity and the taxpayers of the Grand Rapids area. Although the tax increase request failed, we’re already hearing rumblings about The Rapid coming back to taxpayers again to get the Silver Line at all costs, regardless of how inefficient and disruptive it will be. Stay tuned for more updates!