Peter Varga, head of The Rapid, walks of out interview, unable to answer simple questions

TV News Channel 3 reporter David Bailey dealt a heavy blow to The Rapid this week when he started questioning how The Rapid is spending money. Bailey is the first local reporter to critically analyze how The Rapid operates and the result is stunning. Peter Varga, the head bureaucrat at The Rapid, was interviewed for the story but was completely speechless when confronted with how wantonly The Rapid wastes money – waste that we’ve been pointing out for years. After a long period of complete silence in the face of Bailey’s questions, Varga walked out of the interview.

This just goes to show how The Rapid has been treated with kid gloves by the local media. Varga was completely caught off guard by serious, probing questions about how The Rapid wastes taxpayer dollars. In the face of basic questions on The Rapid’s spending, Varga sits silent, unable to speak.

View the video report by clicking here.

Peter Varga walks out of interview

Stop asking uncomfortable questions