The Rapid’s Transit Master Plan

The entire 20 year Transit Master Plan is available for viewing by clicking here.

Some highlights:

  • The plan calls for not one, but two bus rapid transit (BRT) lines. This is the return from the dead of the failed Rapid Silver Line, which was already defeated at the polls by four of the six cities in The Rapid’s service area
  • The plan calls for a light rail service downtown – adding railroad tracks and even more congestion downtown (including the already-closed lanes on Monroe and Michigan?)
  • The plan calls for doubling The Rapid’s capital spending to half a billion dollars and operating costs to over $120 million a year
  • This additional spending also calls for doubling taxes. They claim that they will “only” require a property increase to 2 mills, but since when do these sorts of government transit projects ever come in on budget? If you’re doubling spending, you’re doubling taxes.